128 Songs with “Sleep” in the title that are not about sleep

Ahhh, sleep. The lack of, the need of, the enjoyment of sleeping till noon.  And like love, songs about sleep in one form or another abound. There are so many songs about sleep it’ll put you to, well, sleep.  But ever since Bob Dylan showed up we now more often than we would like to admit, find ourselves having reached the end of a nice little tune wondering, “What the fuck was that about?”  Thanks, Bob.

And even better is when the title of the song contains what we think might be a clue to this Phaistos Disk of bullshit but, no, we get a song called “Pepper” by the Butthole Surfers which contains no references to pepper of any kind unless it’s the name of the unnamed ‘football player rapist’ who, along with some other dumb assholes do some things, have things done to them and then…the song meanders off into, well, a Phaistos Disk of bullshit.

But I come not to dismiss such songs, I come to take the plates given to us and place them into a hat and gaze upon them with a seer stone.  Even though I am not a Mormon.

Endless Sleep by Billy Idol  – Not about sleep in the conventional sense. And of course, being a Billy Idol song it’s about death. The Big Sleep. It’s about death and not about sleep so it qualifies here.

Sleep Together by Garbage – Similar to the above song in that they’re using a euphemism instead of the obvious. And note that Romeovoid used the euphemism better in their song ‘Never say Never‘.

If She Couldn’t Sleep by Blessed Union of Souls – Not about some man worrying that someone he cares for is dealing with insomnia.  It’s about some twerp crying to his momma that hopefully the girl he was stalking might feel the same way he does and maybe,  just maybe she might call him and, and…blleeecchh

Sleepwalking by Modest Mouse –  A more adult version of the above songs’ situation.  ‘Nuff said.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead by Warren Zevon – It’s from Warren Zevon, do I really have to go on?  It’s about someone who’s batshit crazy and seeks to be…even more batshit crazy. Good times, good times.

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep by The Cure – Okay, I might kind of be walking on thin ice with this one because goofy Robert Smith may actually mean that he wishes that “they” could go to sleep and be in gothic la-la land. Or he might mean it as some sort of allegorical bullshit.  My money is on no one giving a shit.

and the best of the lot, and a really good tune to boot –

Sleeping Lessons by The Shins – No where in the song do they mention sleep.  It is not alluded to in any way.  No naps, no drifting off, nothing.  They do mention loping off heads, being offended and not taking any shit. So if these guys are giving out lessons we’re gonna fail the test but that’s okay.  Off with their heads!


One thought on “128 Songs with “Sleep” in the title that are not about sleep

  1. Fine & Dandy But I’m looking for a Song Titled sleep circa 1914 From a operetta which I don’t Know the title of. It’s been done by doc cheathem and I also heard it by a doo-woop band that I don’t know the title of. List like this are interesting to me because I’m a metuer Music Historian

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